Blogs are dumb. April 04 2014

I tried this blog thing awhile didn't work out too well. My time is better spent drawing and studying so that i am a better tattooer or machine builder or whatever. Does what i have to say matter all that much? Maybe...Lord knows i indulge in the sin of opinion. pour a couple of whiskeys and its unavoidable. The things that i could complain about on the subject of tattooing and building tattoo machines are endless. There are more good things though, but, no body wants to hear about good things.

Anyways...the whole point of the "anti-blog" blog post is to let you know not to hold your breath between blog posts. you will have better luck following me on Instagram @mrblueskytattoo or @veritasmfg if you want to listen to all the dumb shit i say or do. OH...and you can keep up to date on new tattoos I've done or machines that i built.

peace yo.