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Veritas Mfg - Greg DiGiacinto
Greg DiGiacinto is a tattooer and tattoo machine builder who lives and works in South New Jersey. Greg is also the owner and operator of Mr. Blue Sky Tattoo in Egg Harbor Township. Greg started tattooing in 1999 and started assembling and tuning tattoo machines as per his apprenticeship. Greg started building tattoo machines to sell in 2004. 

In 2006 after renting a sizable basement space underneath the first tattoo shop he opened in Mays Landing NJ (Veritas Illumina Custom Tattoo), Greg started filling the space with tools. He then learned to design parts on CAD and after many failures and a few successes he designed, outsourced and fabricated his own parts for his machines. The 5 years spent in that basement proved to be a formidable time for him honing his skills in welding, design and metal fabrication. He was also tattooing full time which helped aid in furthering his knowledge on how tattoo machines should function properly. He developed a no non-sense approach to how tattoo machines should work for the everyday street shop tattooer. 

in 2012, As his time at Veritas Tattoo came to a close, Greg opened a new shop in a new location in Egg Harbor Township, NJ. He named the shop Mr. Blue Sky Tattoo (After the famed Electric Light Orchestra song). Moving his workshop to the old rusty metal Sears and Roebuck shed in his back yard, Greg continued to design  and fabricate machines with vigor.

In 2013 Greg and his wife Shanna had a baby girl named Vivian. Tattoo machines took a back seat for a while. While still selling machines under King Pin Tattoo Supply, all forward production and fabrication would settle down....but not for long.

After a much needed break, Greg was busy designing and fabricating again. Sending part designs to local machine shops and building away in the shed. 

From the beginning, His goal was to be completely independent from outsourcing his parts. At the time,using what tools he had (his laptop) proved successful for making nice machines but he grew increasingly frustrated at the lack of communication with machine shops and distributors supplying parts. No longer wanting to be slave to lead-times and miscommunication,Greg sought the tools and the tooling to do those jobs himself. Besides...if your getting the SAME parts from the SAME supply companies wouldn't that make your machines THE SAME AS EVERYONE ELSE? 

Bored to death with all of the same crap being churned out by other "builders" making the same stuff, Greg set out to change all of that for himself. Wanting to stand out  and challenging the very definition of what being a tattoo machine builder was, to him, was key.

In 2014, After acquiring proper tooling for his mill and lathe, Greg spent many hours learning how to make jigs and fixtures to help reproduce the parts that he would need to make his machines. This time spent learning was a critical step toward the independent landmark of making his machine parts manually.  The value of his ability to make low number batches of parts, on his own, far exceeds that of the time (and money) it took for a machine shop to do the work. 

Although the time that it takes to produce a tattoo machine using his method is 10x as much as before, making machines was fun again!!! Many hours are spent (and enjoyed) making sure that his machines are perfect to ensure a quality machine that will perform correctly. Often times, when machines are ordered, they are broken in over a period of up to 2 weeks to guarantee a finely tuned instrument for the buyer.

The ability to make quality tattoo machines that make great tattoos is most gratifying. 

High quality, low number production and custom one-of-a-kind handmade tattoo machines. Every tattoo machine, from its inception, is designed, fabricated, assembled and tuned by Greg DiGiacinto at His workshop in Mays Landing, New Jersey.

Cut, Drilled, Milled, and Turned by hand. No CNC,  No Bullshit. ALL PARTS (except screws and washers) ARE MANUFACTURED IN HOUSE. No outsourced parts!!! Made in the USA.

MM /G\ Seek Light, Travel Well.