Sledge Standard Size Liner

$ 550.00

Smooth and fast liner with lots of range. Great for medium to large needle groupings. Runs on the lower side of the voltage range. Best between 4.8v and 5.3v.

All parts are made by hand, manually, on a mill and a lathe. This includes the coil deck/tube vise, spring deck, upright, shelf brace, armature bar, springs, coil cores, front and back binding posts.

This machines was assembled and tuned with love and care.

This is a handmade coil tattoo machine made for lining and making lines with tattoo ink made for professional tattoo artists. Black tattoo ink may be used for making lines.

All machines require some time to "break in".   I will make a few tattoos with them to ensure that your machine is PERFECT by the time you receive it.

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